One Tree Hill Productions Ltd

What we do..

Event work and Studio production are what One Tree Hill Productions are all about.

Bringing you decades of experience in Event/festival work. Managing sites and crews and infrastructure of festivals and events as well as music production with collaborations of well known artists for many years.

Set, stage builds

All Infrastructure for Events and Festivals

Marquee and big top work

Heras and pedestrian barrier installation. Event 4X4 hire with driver.

Professional Telehandler Operator

Dance Floors Filled 😊

Extensive skill sets

Studio Production

Wide range of Dj's covering all electronic genres

2022 Event Gallery

This gallery is just a small amount of photos from last summer 2022, spanning multiple events in the UK that One Tree Hill Productions were part of.

A Little Of What We Do

Here are a few short videos of what we do at One Tree Hill Productions Ltd. From full music production with Video to all kinds of Event work

One Tree Hill Productions Audio and Video Made for this Place

Electric Bay 2022

Telehandler, Heras with Hands free calls

Spaceport Glasto at night

Glade stage Glasto FOH

Living and working Electric Bay 2022 Back of house

 Music Production Studio Gallery

One Tree Hill Productions Studio .

Studio Equipment available


2 x MacBook Pro 15” 2.5GHz Quadcore, 2TB SSD ,16GB Ram with Dual  21 “ Apple Cinema Display Monitors.

MacBook Pro 13” 2.3GHz Quadcore, 2TB SSD, 12GB Ram

iPad Mini Air

iPad Air

Mac Pro Intel.

Samsung Tablet


OSX Catalina and OSX High Sierra.

Logic Pro

Pro Tools






SoundForge Pro

Toast Titanium

Garage band

Waves Mercury Bundle (over 400 plugins)

Waves SSL Bundle

Izotope Plugins. (39 Plugins including Ozone and Neutron)
Native Instruments (Including large sample library for Kontakt, Massive, Reaktor)

Slate Digital (Tape bundle, Rack and VMS)


Room EQ Wizard

Xfer Records





Blue Cat Audio

Audio Thing




2 x iLok keys

AU Instruments:

Waves-  CODEX, Element

Native Instruments-  Kontakt, Reaktor 6, Massive, Reaktor, Battery, FM8

Izotope-  Breaktweeker, Stutter Edit,

D16 Group-  Drumazon, LuSH-101,Nepheton, Nithonat, Phoscyon

Xfer Records-  Serum

Rob Papen-  SubBoom Bass, Albino 3

Dope VST-   BassEngine CM

FabFilter-  FF One, FF Twin 2

KU331 Audio- Synthmaster 2.6+2.7

LinPlug-  AlphaCM, CrX4

Madrona labs-  Aalto

Synapse-  Dune2

Tal-Togu Audio Line-  TAL Bassline 101, TalU-No-LX-V

u-he-  ACE, Diva, FilterscapeVA, Hive, Zebra 2, Zebralette

XILS-lab-  Oxium, PolyKB II Player

XLN Audio-  Addictive Keys

Too Many AU MIDI Control effects to list at present!


2 x sE Munro Egg 150- (white and black systems with integrated amps)

Genelec 8030B active system.

Martin Audio Passive satellites and Active Sub.

Blue Sky Audio Sat 6.5 and Active Sub.

Audio Interfaces:

Apogee Quartet

Native Instruments S4

Native Instruments Audio 6


Epiphone Bass

Westfield Les Paul copy

Tanglewood Acoustic

Cruiser Stratocaster

Guitar amps and pedals:

Crybaby Wah

Vox Amp

Line 6 JM4 Looper

DJ Kit:

2 x Technics 1210’s

Traktor S4

Traktor F1

Traktor Pro 3

2 x Dj Denon mixers

Vinyl x 1000’s


3 x Extreme Isolation Headphones

1 x Bluetooth closed headphones

2 x Apple Airpods


2 x Aston Origin

Aston Spirit

sE RN17


Apogee MiC

sE4 Pencil.


Yamaha MG120c

Keyboard Controllers:

MOTU Midi Express 128

Nektar Impact LX61+

Novation Launchkey 25

Logic Control

Logic Control XT


Over 20TB of storage including  Lacie RAID systems.

This includes over 400GB of samples and sample packs!

Mutliple cables in abundance…..

Professionals at work

One Tree Hill Productions brings you decades of experience in electronic dance music as well as many other genres.
One Tree Hill Productions Ltd is a studio run in the heart of the countryside in Somerset. It has beautiful views, a perfect place to create amazing music.
Even if you cannot make the journey to the studio we offer a wide variety of collaborative work through file sharing .

Festival and Event infrastucture work undertaken in all aspects call or email for more information😊


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